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Pasta Al Dente

Who doesn’t love a good helping of pasta? It’s too difficult to resist especially when cooked Al Dente- absolute perfection. This is precisely why we evolved to supplying pasta as well. Our pastas are carefully prepared using only the most authentic Italian pasta ingredients. You can’t go wrong with our pasta selection. Bring a little part of Italy to your homes and stores by having our specially made Italian pasta.


  • Ravioli Braised Beef
    Ravioli Braised Beef
  • Ravioli Ricotta & Spinach
    Ravioli Ricotta & Spinach
  • Tortellini Braised Beef
    Tortellini Braised Beef
  • Tortellini Spinach & Ricotta
    Tortellini Spinach & Ricotta
  • Gnocchi Potato
    Gnocchi Potato
  • Pronto Lasagne Sheets 30 Sheets
    Pronto Lasagne Sheets 30 Sheets



  • Churros
    Churros 100 Per Box


A little taste of Spain with our frozen churros. These lovely desserts are perfectly paired with the freshest morning brew or that delicate hot chocolate. Frozen desserts never tasted this good. Try it to find out.

other products

Yes, we have taken desserts to a completely new level. Not only do we offer the best desserts in town, we also have other items that go with it. Cones for our ice creams, yes we have them. Want the ice creams to be extra sweet and savory, well we also have choc dip coating. What about those who wish to have their desserts in little cups? Yup, we have those. Oh wait up, want to showcase the awesome desserts as the star of the show? We have show bowls too! We are an authority in desserts. As such, we know everything needed to complete the entire dessert experience. 


Sweet cones ideal for any of our delicious and special ice creams. Ice creams and our cones, definitely a perfect pair.

Available in:

12 pack

Choc Dip Coating

The perfect Choc Dip Coating to have on any ice cream cone.

Available in:

15 kilo buckets

Cups & Spoons

Perfect for those who wish to stay clean while enjoying the best desserts we have in store.

Available in:

3OZ, 5OZ, 8OZ - 40 to a box