Aurora Foods is a proud third generation Australian business that has been family owned & operated since 1970.

Through our Italian heritage, we have developed the finest range of Italian gelato and specialty handmade desserts. Our enduring passion and commitment to continuously improve all aspects of our business drives us to maintain the best standards of quality across our range of products. 

Reasons to choose Aurora Foods:

We are a proud Australian business that has been family owned and operated since 1970. We have the personal touch, passion, dedication and family values to provide incomparable services for both individual customers and businesses. 

We are based in Victoria and employ local people who ensure the highest standards in quality control are met. We make sure that jobs stay in our local community and within Australia. 

Our premium products are made with locally-sourced and Australian products and ingredients. This easily makes us regarded as one of the top wholesale ice cream suppliers. We take pride in the fact that we managed to produce the best ice cream in Melbourne over the years.

Our dedicated and friendly customer service and sales team are here to help grow and promote your business. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Aurora Foods are also now the proud owners and manufacturers of Dairy Bell. Dairy Bell is an award-winning, proudly 100% Australian owned and operated ice cream company. Dairy Bell was founded in 1970 by Andre Razums and John Stanford. They started Dairy Bell to create ice cream that swept people back to their childhoods and they have succeeded.