Aurora Foods is a proud third generation Australian business that has been family owned & operated since 1970.


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Aurora Foods

Established in 1970, Aurora Foods is a family-owned business that takes great pride in its third-generation legacy. Our diverse range of products, including artisan, gelato, ice cream, and sorbet, can be found in various channels such as independent supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, scoop shops, function centers, distributors, and the catering industry. To cater to different preferences, our products are marketed under two esteemed brands: Aurora and Dairy Bell. With our commitment to quality and extensive distribution network, we strive to bring our delicious offerings to customers across different sectors.

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Snack sized 120mls small but mighty. These single servings are a great way to enjoy a little moment of joy when a whole tub is just too much.


Introducing our indulgent 500ml range of ice creams, sorbets, and gelatos that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey…


Introducing our indulgent 2L ice cream tub range, where pure delight comes in generous portions. With a larger size, these tubs are perfect….


Our exquisite frozen dessert range, where we have something to satisfy every sweet tooth. From the classic Tartufo to the delightful Cassata…


Discover a world of frozen delights with our extensive range of ice cream, gelato, and sorbets, all conveniently packaged in 6.5L trays…


When it comes to providing top-notch treats like real ice cream, quality smoothies, and yogurts, great value doesn’t…

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Experience the extraordinary with our diverse range of ice cream flavors and sizes. We go beyond the ordinary, crafting unique and irresistible flavors that are sure to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more. Our flavors are the result of meticulous research and continuous improvement, reflecting our deep understanding and passion for ice cream. Take your time to explore our selection and discover the perfect size and volume that meets the requirements of your store. We are confident that you will find something truly special to elevate your ice cream offerings.

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