A wholesale ice cream supplier is an essential component if you are venturing into this business. Just like any other business, there are a lot of steps and processes involved in opening an ice cream shop. Part of that is looking for the right ice cream provider for all your ice cream business needs.

Look, it’s great if you can make your own ice cream. In fact, it’s recommended. Through this, you can create your own flavors. You can exercise and execute a great amount of customization, flexibility, and creativity. If you have enough capital for industry-grade equipment and are well-versed with anything about ice cream, go for it.

Practical and Realistic Truth 

However, not everyone’s blessed with such financial capacity. By now, you should know that ice cream machines can cost a fortune. Needless to say, it takes expertise to operate them. Coming up with the best concoction may go through a lot of hits and misses (which may delay the launch altogether).

Given this realistic situation, getting a supplier in the equation seems like a good idea. For some, this may actually be the only option. Much has been said about the benefits of partnering with a supplier. At one point, it is even self-explanatory and obvious. The essential factors to think about, though, are the steps you need to do in choosing the right one.

Reminders in choosing the best wholesale ice cream supplier for your business 

Here are some of the things you need to bear in mind in choosing the right ice cream wholesaler for your business. The key is to find one to supply your ice cream needs for a long time. This is to avoid the hassle of switching from one supplier to another (waste of time), building new relationships all over again, and the overall delay it may cause.

Compare multiple suppliers 

It is always good to have choices. The same principle works for choosing the ice cream supplier to work with. Talk to different ice cream suppliers in your area. Then, have a shortlist of just three. 

These three to make your list should meet all your requirements. More importantly, there must be a rapport established. A rapport that emanates trustworthiness, efficiency, exemplary business accord, and even good old friendliness.

Whether sole proprietor, partnership, or company, you need to involve others in the selection process. They may be able to see and point out other aspects that may have slipped your attention. Also, other people can give a valuable insight that you may not have even thought of or considered.

Comparing and contrasting 

Since the motherhood idea of comparing and selecting was already discussed, here we get a little bit more specific. This time, comparison in terms of quotation takes the lead. Your shortlisted suppliers need to have competitive offered rates for the following:

– Discount for buying bulk products

– Promotion for repeat/loyal customers

– Bundled deals 

– Availability to provide the desired quantity of ice cream flavors

These are just some of the items you need quotations for. At the end of the day, you need to be wise in spending money. It definitely helps if you have a wholesale ice cream supplier who understands just that. 

Remember, they need your business the way you need theirs. As such, they should understand that part of their survival is providing competitive pricing to all entrepreneurs, regardless of their size. To be chosen by ice cream entrepreneurs, they have to know this by heart.

Outstanding customer support and service 

Everyone demands excellent and outstanding customer service. This is even more resounding when a significant amount of money is involved. Entrepreneurs always choose to do business with companies/organizations known for their customer care and concern. They demand to get their investment through providing the service they deserve.

As an entrepreneur, make sure to choose wholesale ice cream suppliers who do the following:

– Always have someone to answer their hotline in a timely manner,

– Offers a dedicated account manager to take care of your specific needs, requirements, and requests,

– Dependable at all times especially for special requests to meet your needs,

– Does not provide a “dead end” situation where the answer is a clear and definite No without even giving other options and workaround.

The right wholesale ice cream supplier 

Truth be told, there are a lot of wholesale ice cream suppliers out there wanting your business. Of course, the best one should be chosen out of the pool of choices. So, what should you be looking for in a noteworthy ice cream supplier? 

Refer to this list and see if any of your shortlisted suppliers have any of these traits and attributes:


This extends to just being a customer. A supplier who treats your business as a long-term partner is so much better. A supplier with this mindset means that they will pull all stops to make you happy. Your (reasonable) demands will be met, and negotiations will be seriously regarded. No one wants to be just a number. As it is, being an entrepreneur warrants a VIP treatment so wholesale ice cream suppliers should treat you like one.

Product Knowledge and Mastery 

It is one thing for them to know their products and services. However, this is not enough. A worthy supplier should not only know their product line (in-depth) but also:

– Offer solutions should something go wrong

– Provide alternatives

– Have bundled items for more savings and cost-effectiveness

– Aware of all discount and promo mechanics

– Vital and crucial computations with accuracy

Marketing support 

An exceptional wholesale ice cream supplier (worthy of your business), should not only know their products intently (it’s expected of them). At the same time, they should also provide other support means such as marketing collaterals (flyers, tarps, leaflets, brochures, etc.), technical support, and training/development sessions. All these additional provisions are meant to help you in growing your business.

Quality assurance 

What’s exceptional customer service and amazing discounts if the product is inferior and substandard? Suppliers need to strike a superior balance between product quality and other value-added services. Quality assurance is integral especially for anything that falls under the food category (ice cream being one). 

Go for suppliers that are adherent to the standards imposed by ISO, HACCP, etc. This ensures that their products are safe for consumption and pass strict quality standards and protocols. More than anything else, the welfare of customers should come as a priority for both you (entrepreneur) and the ice cream provider.

Overall reliability 

The real work only begins after being chosen as the wholesaler. Therefore, their overall reliability should not falter nor dwindle. It is a good idea to take the cue from established companies such as Aurora Foods. They have done a marvelous job supplying food establishments with their ice cream/gelato needs for many years.

Companies such as Aurora Foods should be emulated by other suppliers. Being guided with Aurora’s business acumen, other suppliers can jumpstart their CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) rating and other facets of the business. 

With an ever-evolving and continuously innovating business model, a wholesale ice cream supplier is sure to get more satisfied clients. Therefore, WOM (Word of Mouth Marketing) shall come in inevitably- a great and inexpensive form of advertisement.