Wholesale Dessert - Cone


Aurora Ice Cream
Wholesale Dessert

Our ice cream desserts are now available wholesale. Check out our delightful ice cream flavours which come in different sizes to suit your current store supply needs. We have everything covered for you. Our wholesale dessert selections are sure to make your customers come back for more. 


Wholesale Dessert - Chocolate Ice Cream



Wholesale Dessert - Matcha Ice Cream


Tub Wholesale Dessert


With years of product research and development, we have determined the perfect flavours that your customers are sure to love. These flavours are unique, luscious and delectable that other stores can’t compete with. Be your neighbourhood’s go-to place for the best ice cream. Let us supply you with the best gelato wholesale dessert in town!

Yoghurt, Smoothie & Frozen Fruits

We are definitely an authority in the wholesale desserts arena. Over the years, we have evolved our product offerings to also offer yoghurts, smoothies and even frozen fruits. We have your business in mind. We understand the growing demand for frozen treats. As such, we bring them to you. 

Yoghurt and Smoothies - Wholesale Dessert

Wholesale Dessert Products Distributed By Us

Frozen treats are definitely our expertise. However, who said we can’t venture into other awesome products? We want to cover all of your store’s needs. Whether it’s doughnuts, pasta, churros, cones or cups, we have them ready to distribute to you.