The Aurora gelato flavours may be giving other brands a run for their money. Aurora’s gelatos are considered one of the best in the industry. Even better, a lot of people can attest to the flavour and quality of the gelato. In fact, different restaurants choose Aurora Foods to supply their desserts. 

Over the years, Aurora Foods have revolutionized how people eat desserts. Businesses take notice of this; hence, they keep on ordering more batches because of their competitive wholesale prices. At the end of the day, Aurora stays on top for being innovative, ingenious, reasonable, and competitive from here on out.

Of course, Aurora Foods won’t be heralded as it is now if not for their beloved and prized gelato. Yes, gelato. For quite some time, many people think gelato is just another fancy name for ice cream. To set the record straight, it’s not. Though both share a couple of similar traits, ice cream and gelatos are different in their own right. 

First things first, it’s a good idea to discuss the stark differences between both ice cream and gelato. Here, the characteristics of the gelato which set it apart from the ice cream are discussed.

Difference between gelato and ice cream 

Thanks to the Italians, the entire world is blessed with one of their dessert creations- the gelato Clearly, the entire world simply can’t have enough of this frozen dairy delight. In the US alone, gelato sales hit a staggering $214 million in 2014. A couple of years later, the gelato’s demand has been steadily increasing. No wonder it’s regarded as an unstoppable force in the dessert sector.

Let’s continue with the differences between the heavenly gelato and the heavy favourite ice cream…


Both gelato and ice cream use cream, sugar, and milk. However, authentic gelato uses more milk and less cream compared to ice cream. Also, gelato has few egg yolks or none at all. With less cream and none (or few) egg yolks, it sets the gelato apart from the usual ice cream everybody enjoys.


Perhaps because of the gelato’s main ingredients, it is known to be creamier than ice cream. The gelato is also generally described as smoother and silkier. For those who know their dairy delight intently, they’d easily choose gelato over ice cream for this specific reason. digital marketing agency Melbourne


Believe it or not, the temperature serves as an additional flavour enhancer. As such, the gelato is usually served between 10 and 15 degrees warmer than the regular ice cream. So, how does the temperature affect the flavour of this frozen dairy goodness? Think of what cold temperature does to your tongue and taste buds. The colder it is, the number the tongue gets. Therefore, it is unable to completely taste and distinguish different flavour components. 

Gelato is served warmer with an ideal temperature of between 7 and 12 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range does numb and desensitizes the tongue compared to the extremely cold serving temperature of regular ice cream. As such, every intricate flavour component of the gelato is highlighted and enjoyed.

Health Benefits 

Admittedly, milk, cream, sugar, and eggs are some of the basic ingredients of desserts we all love. However, too much of it means higher fat content. Because of that, many people (especially those watching their weight) stay away from it. These ingredients spell diet disaster for some who are too strict with their food intake.

As earlier discussed, these basic dessert ingredients are present in gelato (sometimes with the exclusion of eggs) but in lesser amounts. Therefore, it is not as fattening and loaded with ridiculous amounts of calories compared to regular ice cream. Not to be mistaken, though, both the gelato and regular ice cream are awesome. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one’s preference. social media agency Melbourne

Irresistible Aurora Gelato Flavors That You Need To Try 


Bacio is a unique and distinct Italian flavour inspired by Bacio Perugina. The Bacio Perugina is a chocolate confectionery with exquisite gianduja and hazelnut filling. This dessert treat is covered in hazelnut with a generous coating of dark chocolate. Everyone can easily make this their favourite dessert after trying just one serving.

Now, imagine the Bacio Perugina in the form of gelato. That’s the best of both worlds! Such an amalgamation of flavours makes anyone easily fall in love with this uniquely Aurora Flavor. Sure, other gelato makers may offer the same flavour. However, no one does it better than Aurora Foods. Take this feedback from a slew of their esteemed and loyal customers. 


Aurora Foods kicks the banana flavour up a notch higher as one of their gelato flavours. Enjoy the rich, smooth, and silky gelato with a gentle (and not overpowering banana) flavour. A serving instantly takes you to the lovely and exotic tropics. Have Aurora’s banana gelato then close your eyes and let your imagination take you to an island paradise to bask in. Yes, it is that good.

Blood Orange 

Sounds gruesome? Not at all. It looks like your typical orange from the outside but wait until seeing the inside. Blood oranges’ insides usually have a maroon, pink, or even red hue, hence the name. Why is blood orange better than your ordinary orange? It is sweeter among other traits.

With Aurora Foods, ordinary and common just don’t cut it. It’s one thing to highlight the already sweet and citrusy flavour of the orange fruit. However, why settle for the common orange when there’s the sweeter and uniquely exotic blood orange, right? seo Melbourne

Caramel Choc Swirl 

Chocolate is delectable. Caramel is lovely and sweet. Combine both chocolate and caramel and what do you get? One of Aurora Foods’ gorgeous gelato flavours, what else? Aurora Foods definitely knows what’s best for all gelato lovers out there. Bringing the intricate flavour of both caramel and chocolate elevates the level of the gelato to extreme goodness. Caramel and chocolate lovers are surely going to be happy and satisfied.


From one fruit that sends everyone to tropical rhapsody, here’s another to surely tickle the taste buds. While bananas are more mainstream, mango is a little bit unique and one of a kind. Staying true to offering something unique all the time, Aurora Foods jumped right ahead and had mango as one of its exquisite gelato flavours. It’s tenderly sweet, something that would make you want more without getting sick of it.


Bastion of flavours presented in a colourful array of hues. It’s so nice to look at, it’s good enough to eat and you can! Whether kids or kids at heart, no one can ever resist a rainbow-themed and rainbow-flavoured gelato. Have it and try guessing the wonderful flavours included in one serving. That should be an interesting game to play with your family. This rainbow gelato is one unique Aurora gelato flavour that’s sure to make everyone crave more.

Coffee and Pistachio 

Gelatos can be sweet and robust at the same time and no one does this concoction better than Aurora Foods. Having a coffee-inspired flavour is perhaps a little common so why not give it an extra kick? Compliment the velvety and wonderfully potent coffee taste with the nutty and luscious pistachio flavour. It’s wonderfully robust but meek, strong but gentle- such lovely ironies in one delicate dessert.

In summary

Aurora Foods has been serving the best gelato since 1970. It has been completely family-owned which means sticking to its well-loved personal touch always remained a top priority over the years. Part of its personal appeal is the fact that it has been a staunch supporter of local employment with strict adherence to the highest quality standards.

These are the same people who are responsible for bringing the best gelato to this side of town. With a myriad of flavours to choose from, Aurora gelato can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The flavours are researched and well-thought-out. All concoctions are meant to please the meticulous taste of their esteemed clientele by being unique, diverse, and sweet but not overpowering. google ads Melbourne

To make Aurora Foods a cut above the rest, all their premium products are sourced locally. They also take pride in using all Australian ingredients and other products. While helping with the local economy, the company strives hard to keep on innovating its menu. Therefore, expert for nothing but the best Aurora gelato flavours as it lands on the table eagerly waiting for the best dessert you can ever have.

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