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Our ice cream has captured the hearts of many. It has been a favourite dessert that proves irresistible. Who can ever say no to a good serving of ice cream? Whether it’s just a scoop or gazillions of it, ice cream remains a classic pick that never fails to captivate everyone’s hearts (and of course, palettes).

Alright, aside from the obvious, let’s delve deeper into some amazing ice cream details that we may not be totally aware of. In this article, we will touch on ice cream’s intricacies and specifics that go beyond the discernible, glaring, and undeniable. Discovering the science behind this lovely dessert plus ways to make it even more mouthwatering isn’t a bad idea as well.

Why is ice cream so addictingly good? 

Now, let’s get started with the scientific background of this impeccable and alluring sweet treat. It’s interesting to understand the inner workings of our minds, don’t you think? Knowing what exactly happens as we enjoy an ice cream serving is intriguing, let alone captivating. 

So, this is what happens from the moment we lay our eyes on the ice cream all the way to ingesting it:


We have heard of We Eat With Our Eyes, right? There’s definitely truth to this. Eating involves all of our senses. Since there’s not much heat involved in the process that produces smoke for our olfactory pleasure, it’s the eyes that get glued to it. All visual components get processed by the brain. This is where everything begins.

As the eyes see the ice cream’s texture, colour, and other ingredients all combined, it sends a signal to the brain. The brain then interprets it as something good and appetizing raising the levels of excitement to a whole new level. 

This is precisely why restaurants take time to make their dishes look so appealing, the same way ice cream shops do. As the brain recognizes the ice cream’s attractive appearance, the level of deliciousness significantly increases. digital marketing company melbourne


As our eyes get locked on that ice cream serving, our taste buds wait to receive it in anticipation. As the ice cream touches the tongue, chemistry instantly takes place. Ice cream is considered a dairy product that contains casein. Casein does have fragments called casomorphins which make the brain react the same way as heroin and other narcotics do. 

Don’t get it twisted, though. There’s no way anyone can get drugged. It’s just simply the brain’s similar reaction- a feeling that makes us want a little bit more because of that inexplicable satisfaction. That’s what casomorphins do, no more no less.

From casomorphins, we move to dopamine which is another feel-good chemical. Needless to say, both work the same way. Dopamine also triggers the pleasure centre of the brain. The ice cream’s sweetness is responsible for creating such a trigger. Oh, add to the mix the nostalgia factor as we all have great memories associated with ice cream which dates back to when we were still kids.

How do we make so much better?

Ice cream already tastes so good. In fact, it is easily rated as one of the Top 3 favourites among all desserts there. Since we now understand why ice cream makes us feel a certain blissful way, it won’t be a bad idea to know more tricks to make it taste even better.

The best ice cream is made by experts. Companies like Aurora Foods have already proven their place in the ice cream-making industry. Countless satisfied clients can attest to how good their offerings are. However, you can also try to make ice cream at home. If you are someone who can’t have enough ice cream, it may be a good idea to make it from scratch. social media marketing company

Butterfat takes the spotlight 

What makes the best ice cream best —yes, butterfat is king. This means the more butterfat you add, the ice cream becomes creamier, richer, and more decadent. Therefore, experts carefully add butterfat to the mixture to produce an excellent batch of ice cream. However, don’t go overboard. It is still true that too much of something may result in disaster.

Butterfat also is known to add a little bit more texture to avoid iciness. A higher amount of butterfat is necessary especially for fruit-flavoured ice cream using its juices. It makes the ice cream less liquid and gives enough texture to hold its shape.

Use corn syrup 

Remember, there’s more to ice cream than just being sweet. Therefore, adding sugar may not be enough. Well, sugar certainly will do its job, however, it may not completely contribute to a great ice cream serving that everyone craves. 

Viscosity is something that gets thrown every now and then when talking about ice cream. There are other sweetening agents that can make the ice cream ever-so-sweet like honey and glucose syrup. 

These high-viscosity sweeteners also make the ice cream chewy and rich. Now, we’re talking. Remember, though, that a good balance must be followed. Too much honey, for example, may make the ice cream too sweet, even to a cloying state.  

Corn syrup, it is not like your regular table sugar but manages to contribute to better chewiness and overall texture. It can be added a little bit more without worrying too much about altering the flavour and consistency of the ice cream. seo expert Melbourne

Chill the base completely 

The best ice cream starts from a well-chilled base. So, what is the ice cream base made of? It can be either an eggless concoction or one that has a lot of eggs for that custard consistency. Whatever the base is made of, the point is it has to be chilled. An ideal temperature is 50 Fahrenheit. This can be achieved via the use of a thermometer or you may just leave the base in the fridge overnight.

Chilling the base significantly improves the flavour and of course, its texture. The texture improves because the chilling process promotes stable air bubbles when churning the ice cream. A chilled base also is advantageous in terms of tasting it to its final form. This way, final amendments and adjustments (when necessary) to the flavour can also be made. 

In a nutshell 

Ice cream is awesome. It is even more interesting now that we know the science behind this dessert. This dessert will always be present to captivate everyone’s hearts and taste buds. Such a sweet treat surely remains a staple at everyone’s tables whether consumed solo or shared with family and friends.

Yes, it is awesome to try making your own ice cream. It’s great to have such wonderful serving readily available each time you crave it. However, for the best ice cream in Melbourne, get it from the best source. Buy ice creams from a company that has proven its credibility over the years. Companies like Aurora Foods will always be a good option. photography Melbourne

With their expertise, you are sure to get the best-tasting and excellent-quality ice cream you can ever have. They also supply bulk ice cream orders to different food establishments so you are never far from savouring the best ice cream this side of town. For what it’s worth, we all deserve the greatest and most immensely delicious ice cream serving, don’t we?

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