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Aurora Foods is a proud third generation Australian business that has been family owned & operated since 1970.

Aurora Foods

Through our Italian heritage, we have developed the finest range of Italian gelato and specialty handmade desserts. Our enduring passion and commitment to continuously improve all aspects of our business drives us to maintain the best standards of quality across our range of products.


ICE Cream

We have lots of ice cream flavours for you to enjoy. Whether it be our 2L varieties or our 500ml varieties, we have you covered.


Our premium Italian gelato comes in a range of delicious flavours. We have 500ml varieties and 2L varieties for you and your family.

Frozen Desserts

Our frozen desserts are a real winner in restaurants and often used at weddings and catering events. Enjoy our scrumptious range of frozen desserts.

We Wholesale

We have a wide array of ice cream flavours and sizes to choose from! We don’t want just the usual flavours. We took the time to come up with ice cream flavours that are sure to make your customers come back for more. These flavours stem from rigorous research and consistent ice cream improvement, something that we have been doing for decades. We definitely understand ice cream better than anyone else.

Feel free to browse through our ice cream selections and its corresponding sizes. I’m sure you will find something that suits the volume and flavour requirements of your store.

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The best gelato in Australia! We love wholesaling Aurora Foods Gelato for our Gelato shop. It's fresh, explodes with taste and melts in your mouth!
Jessica, Melbourne
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We have been dealing with Aurora Foods for over 10 years now from a wholesale point of view. Very reliable, organised and always on time.
Gary, Sydney
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We have never had a problem when dealing with Aurora Foods for our Italian Restaurant. Our customers love the Ice Cream & Gelato and it's the perfect dessert treat at the end of the night.
Simon, Australia